Leadership & Mentorship

Our coaching and mentoring programme aims to facilitate exploration of the needs, motivations, desires, skills, and perceptions on pertinent issues under the guidance and support of a mentor or coach. Coaching and mentoring becomes an investment that enriches the individual and their organisation as they grow in confidence and certainty of their leadership. Register below for our mentor programme:

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Capacity Building

Women and girls must be recruited and trained for leadership roles in sport so that they can facilitate the initiatives in the Women and Sport Agenda. Register to participate in our latest capacity building programmes that aim to help women develop various skills. Register below for our mentee programme:



Our advocacy initiatives will prepare Women Sport in South Africa for participation in continental and international conferences especially during the state of the pandemic globally when virtual participation makes inclusion more challenging. The nature of advocacy work is about social justice. Advocacy involves speaking and acting on behalf of women regarding their interest as persons who have been and continue to be discriminated against based on gender.

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Events & Participation

SAWASF hosts numerous events that intend to build individual capacities through training, conferences and seminars, and influence with advocacy campaigns throughout the year. SAWASF calls on all women and girls to join as the organisation as advocates, to be called upon as and when action is required for advocacy, through networking, lobbying, public information, and awareness-raising campaigns.

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Help us to grow female excellence in South African sport.